I Was a Middle Aged HunBot

I wish I was kidding. But it’s true. Sad and true. I got sucked into not 1. Not 2. But 3 pyramid schemes.

What’s that? Pyramid schemes? But those are illegal, right?

Yeah, they are. But, these get around the illegal thing by having products. Cheap quality. Useless. Consumable products that are excessively over priced. But that’s not how you make your money. No. You need to have people join under you. And people join under them. Until it looks like – well, a pyramid.

And I joined. I was pregnant and wanted to stay home and make money and retire my husband and pay my bills. Don’t mind me for not looking at the income disclosures. You know, the ones that say less than 1% of people who join make money.

If that all wasn’t bad enough, the cult like brain washing that occurs is down right Jim Jonesian in its nature. Conferences and team calls filled with chants of “One of us. One of us.” You wear the shirts. The colors. You slip their mottos in your everyday speech. Soon your social media doesn’t look like you. You’re a clone. A hunbot. Copy pasting pictures and posts. None of which are actually your real life. But fake it till you make it.

I am an introvert. Yes, I have a YouTube channel and a podcast. But for the most part, I write. So, when a video challenge came up, I was hesitant. But I did it.

The cringe is real.

I can’t even describe how uncomfortable I was doing this. (Almost as bad sharing it now. Wtf hair?)

I’m a Supernatural fan. Anyone who watches it knows the infamous Dean scene I tried (badly) to recreate. I’m also from Philly. This song is iconic for me. Rocky. The art museum. The run through Philly.

And this is what I did to it. All in the name of the Team.

Wtf was wrong with me?

Listen. Here’s the thing. I have been out and outspoken of MLMs for about five years now. I’ve been unfriended. Shunned. Cast out. And it hurt.

But it won’t keep me from speaking out. If you’re in an MLM and you’re not making money, you’re feeling like crap for the tactics and techniques they’re pushing on you, if you know it’s just not right then get out.

MLMs are toxic relationships. Get out. You can do better. You deserve better.

And so does Dean and Rocky. I am so sorry for this.

Yikes stripes.


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