The Myth About Ted Bundy

Negative ghost rider. And here’s why this is wrong. He preyed on the convention of “nice girls.” Better to be a rude chick then a dead chick.

And I can hear some of you out there saying, “But I feel bad if I’m rude. What if they actually need help?”

Isten. Here’s the thing. Thats not you, babe. That’s society. That’s training. That’s upbringing. That’s nurture over nature. Your natural tendency is survival. You can feel it. You can hear it. But as females, we’ve been told to ignore that and be nice. Be polite. Be helpful. Be quiet. Otherwise, you’re a bitch and well, you deserve what happens then because you instigated it. You should have just gone along. You should just shake your head and look cute.
And thats horseshit. Because you’re life is worth more than some psycho’s pride.
Be rude. Be loud. Take up space. Don’t be a dammed statistic. Don’t be a topic of a podcast.

Plus, dude wasn’t even conventionally attractive for the 70s. Straight looks like Gerald the Seal from Finding Dory.

Listen to that voice inside you. Even if it’s wrong, at least you’re still alive and not part of a collection.

You don’t have to be Baby in the corner. Stand up. Shout out. Be loud. Stay alive.


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