The Real Reason I Love Star Wars

It’s here. One of my favorite days ever. Star Wars Day. Otherwise known as May the Fourth. You know, as in May the force be with you.

What makes Star Wars so iconic?

I was born the same year New Hope was released. It has been in my life all my life. The characters. The memorable lines. The epic hero’s journey. The music. John Williams is the man.

With the popularity of The Mandolorian and Baby Yoda, Star Wars is not just for kids anymore. I can’t honestly think of anyone who hasn’t used a Star Wars quote at least once. And who hasn’t tried to force choke that one customer on the phone?

You tried it. You know you did.

As a kid, I watched it with my dad. My dad who doesn’t watch movies. My dad who doesn’t watch or read science fiction. My dad sat wand watched Star Wars with me. Each and everytime it was on the television. With him, I watched the struggle of good over evil. The bonds of friendship. And the love of a father for his kids.

As an adult, I have developed a love for Carrie Fisher. Not just Princess Leia. Not just General Organa. The woman behind the character.

Carrie was raised in the Hollywood spotlight. She has never been shy about her struggles with living, learning, and loving on the world’s stage. She’s been a vocal advocate of mental health education. Her views on aging and sexism in speak to my middle aged soul. She is Space Mom. And the world is a little less bright without her flipping off everyone in pictures.

If I were to try to nail down the main reason I love Star Wars, it’s fun. In the end, it’s fun. The ups, the downs. The roller coasters of emotions. The characters we love to hate (Darth Vader and Kylo Ren). The characters we hate to love (Damn you, JarJar). I love the original trilogy. The prequels reignited my love (don’t come here with hate.) I love the Disney trilogy (Rey is a goddess and Poe is literally a dream.) Tears will be shed when I get to see Galaxy’s Edge next year.

Star Wars will always hold a special place in my soul. So, I will dress up on May the Fourth. I will put my hair up in space buns. The soundtrack will play all day at my desk. This weekend will be marathon weekend. BTW the movies are watched in chronological order, not release order. Thank you.

Let your Rebel flags fly. Show your allegiance to the Empire. And may the force be with.


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