Book Review: We Were Liars

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Listen. Here’s the thing. I have never had a book affect me like this. The roller coaster of emotions was in overdrive.

Let me clarify that this is not my usual genre. I haven’t been a young or new adult or teen in a while. I have children that qualify as young adult, new adult, and teen. Yes, trainwrecks. I’m that old.

That being said. Tiktok made me read this. And even though I saw tons of videos about how emotionally devastating this book was, I read this. Because books are cheaper than therapy.

I love the narrative style. It was poetic but still told the story. The language was simple. I was easily able to put myself in the story and experience the happenings.

That sounds good, right? Yeah, just wait. This book’s ending has more twists and turns than a Missouri backroad. And you will feel all the feels. And you will feel them fast. Like page turn, new emotion.

The ending will have you looking for others to read this book so you can share the emotional pain with them. I had a book hangover for three days. I was wrecked. Like, I went to work and people asked if I had been drinking. Do you know what it’s like to say, “No. I finished a book.” And the look you get after. Like you just grew a third head. I really feel bad for people who don’t read. Like, what are you doing with your time?

Would I recommend it? Hell, yeah. No doubt. This book was amazing. E. Lockhart does an incredible job of portraying the thoughts and feelings of a teen girl trying to find her place in her family and the world. This book is a beautiful blend of mystery, thriller, and love story.

About the author from the author herself.

I write novels. My books: Again Aagain, We Were Liars, Genuine Fraud, Fly on the Wall, The Boyfriend List, The Boy Book, Dramarama, The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks, How to Be Bad,The Treasure Map of Boys and Real Live Boyfriends. New DC Comics hero arrives in 2021.

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I’m not kidding about the ending though.

Have you read this? If not, will you? Let me know what you think of it.


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