It’s Halloween, Train Wrecks

Welcome aboard, train wrecks.

As promised, I’m sharing with you my Halloween playlist to help get you in the spooky, spoopy mood for the best holiday ever.

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So, I needed to vamp my Halloween music selections a little. See what I did there. Vamp. Halloween. Get it? These are the jokes, kids. Anywho. I needed a little less Rob Zombie and a little more “HR appropriate” and “work environment conducive.”

This meant, I needed to think. After skimming through Pinterest and several glasses of wine, I asked my husband a question. Why doesn’t anyone make songs like they used to? The 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s were filled with songs about death, the devil, souls, ghosts, witches, and black magic. Why did this stop? Not to sound too much like a Boomer, but they just don’t make music like they used to.

Come morning, I knew what I had to do. A vintage Halloween playlist. Some good old jazz, swing, blues, and a little rock and roll to help us remember how creepy costumes really were back in the day. Even Gen X remembers those old plastic masks with the smallest airholes in the world and plastic smocks to wear over your regular clothes.

One hundred songs to get you into a Halloween vibe and out of HR. Who could ask for anything more? This is a good, clean playlist too. Perfect for an at home Halloween party or an office party.

What is your favorite way to get in the Halloween vibe? Do you have any songs that you would add to this list?

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got for today, train wrecks. All aboard.


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