How To Stress Out About the New Year Without Really Trying – A Train Wreck Guide to New Year’s Goal Setting

Welcome aboard, train wreck.

How To Stress Out About the New Year Without Really Trying

2022 is five hours old at the time of writing this but I’ve been stressed out about it for over a month. New reading challenges. New 365 challenges. Will this be the year I actually get myself together? Why did Spotify announce my 2021 playlist before Thanksgiving? What are my new year resolutions? Do I even need new year goals? What are some good new year’s resolutions? How can I do this whole new year goal setting thing without being all New Year, New Me?

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Listen, here’s the thing. I want to be a better version of me. Shockingly, the train wreck life isn’t all glitz and glamor. There’s a lot of frustration. A lot of resentment.. A lot of crying.

And for what?

Because I can’t remember to give my son his brain pills (Focus Factor and a gummy vitamin) every day. Because I was in a depressed state and forgot to cancel a dentist appointment and schedule with the dentist that is in our network. Because sometimes I just sit on the couch, not reading, not scrolling, not doing anything other than existing, instead of washing the dishes or laundry.

I want to not be like this. I mean I’m always going to be a train wreck. But I would like to stay on the track more often than not.

So, me being me, I started researching resolutions and how to be a better train wreck.

And that’s when the problem started.

Why are there so many people out there that think the only resolutions in the world are to lose weight and save money? Like, am I saving all this money because I’m only eating rabbit food? A quick Pinterest search yields health resolutions and financial resolutions. Why does no one talk about simple new year’s resolutions? Why does no one talk about being mentally and emotionally healthy as a goal? Adding a date night into your calendar for you and your partner? Taking pictures so you can remember more of the year?

See, I already knew the bookish side of me was going to tackle some large challenges. This like reading all the Murder, She Wrote books, 14 RomComs in February, The ABC Challenge in April, 20 books in summer, and 13 books of Halloween. But I also wanted to get back into reading with my son again. We used to read a book or three every night. And then, we just stopped. And I don’t know why. I miss that time with him. He’s 8 now. And he still loves snuggling. So we are going to read 10 pages a night in The Hobbit. This is a year long project. And I hope it brings us a little closer together.

Other things I’m looking to do are more self care. Take a multi vitamin. Look into brain pills for myself. Walk more. Drink even more water. Cut out soda candy and chocolate. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Find out which fruits and vegetables I can eat without dying. (Yay, food allergies.)

Some things are just routine things I want to add to my schedule. Make sure to wash the dishes by this time. Get T Rex in the shower by this time. Meditate at this time. I do miss meal planning. That made a lot of days easier. So, add that to the weekly schedule. Which also adds shopping, cleaning, and prepping to my Sundays which is already cram jam packed with laundry and getting ready for the week.

Only a few are self development goals. I’m taking courses and reading books on digital and social media marketing. I want to do a lesson a day in DuoLingo.

I don’t think my goals are lofty. I just have a lot of them. I want to organize so I joined a 52 week challenge. I want to be a better writer so I have a weekly prompt showing up in my email. I want to have a skin care routine because I’m 44 and got asked how old my grandson was when I was at Wal-Mart with T Rex.

I have planners, one paper and one digital. I have a large wall calendar. I have a weekly dry erase board for chores. I have a meal planning notepad that says what’s for dinner for the week. So, I have the tools. I just hope I have the will power and support to get this all done.

And to stick to it.

So here’s my list of not resolutions but more like things I’d like to try and hope to stick with unless I get too stressed out and and make myself anxious that I have to do it all and depressed because I’m never going to be a better train wreck.

Read – One Murder, She Wrote a week. 10 pages of The Hobbit to T Rex. Everything else is icing.

Learn – Complete one lesson a day on Digital and Social Media marketing through Udemy. Complete one lesson a day on DuoLingo.

Do – Walk to a meditation every day. Moisturize. Take brain pills. Talk to family about meals to eat. Work with them on prepping once everything is bought. Laundry once a day instead of all on Sundays. Tell people you love them and you’re grateful for them being here.

I think that may work. Do the first quarter at least. Then I can check in, see what works, what doesn’t, make changes.

I think that may be the key here. it’s always changeable. Resolutions are not the commandments, I mean, even those were smashed at one point. And if we’ve learned anything these last few years it’s be gentle. Be gentle with others. Be gentle with yourself.

So, here’s to a new year. I’m not trying to be a new me. Just a better version.

What changes are you making this year? Let me know in the comments.

Again, if you like what I post, please like, comment, share, and subscribe. That’s all I’ve got for today, train wreck, so all aboard.


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