What A Week This Year Has Been

Welcome aboard, train wreck.

What a week this year has been.

The first call of the day had me in tears. This particular client makes me sick and nervous when I see their name come up on the caller ID. And Thursday was no different.

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Thursday was the shit icing on a crap cake of a week. See, temps dropped this week. And when that happens, pipes freeze. And burst. Meaning sprinklers start dropping and leaking. And alarms start going off. Then people call me. It’s been all week. But this had nothing to do with sprinklers.

I’ll give you the short version mainly because I don’t think I can deal with it again. I got to hear how the company is irresponsible and I am incompetent.


Like not me hiding in my own bathroom.

My whole day I stressed about getting a tech on site and making sure they were happy.

Oh and I was working from home. So my kids were here. And my T Rex isn’t the quietest person. In fact, at the height of being told how incompetent I am, my son decided to see how loud the TV can be. Cue lots of apologizing and blaming the corgi for sitting on the remote.

Why is it that it just takes one? One asshole to jack your whole day up. There 7 billion people on this planet. I only actually know and interact with at most 5 thousand between Wal-Mart, traffic, work, and social media. So why do I let one or two people I am not the sparkly, wonderful, creative creature I am? You know, if they knew me – like actually me not customer service me – they may actually like me. But they’ll never know me because I won’t ever let them get that close. They have shown their colors and I’m not a fan of that combo.

Listen. I get it. I may not be working in a call center but I’m still customer service. In fact, that’s my title. Customer Service Accounts Rep. And the nature of the customers and facilities I service does warrant more urgency. But damn, Karen. I am a human being, too. And to make it sound like I don’t care if your residents burn is so inaccurate. I assure you, my anxiety is so bad about some of these emergency jobs that I’ve actually gotten up to check my work email and the job on our boards to see how it’s progressing. Because Gramma and PopPop are important to me. I don’t want anyone missing theirs like I miss mine. So I’m going to do everything I can. I send the emails. I make the calls. I track the progress. But I can’t go out on the site and fix things. All that reads like stereo instructions. I’d be looking at the alarm panel shaking my head. “Yup, the landing gear is bad. You should do cocaine about it.”

This reminds me to schedule my eye appointment now that my insurance updated.

And I love that my bosses have my back. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. I fucking love my bosses. Because the madness didn’t stop Thursday. It boiled over Friday right into my boss’s ears. After the administrator made another “good morning, here is why you suck” call to me, she called my boss and chewed her ear for 45 minutes. Like, she was still processing invoices from the year end and December. And she was kept from doing her job just to have someone complain. About something that was already handled. It was already dealt with. Literally, no reason to do that.

I actually would like to see if they have this haircut. I may die laughing if I ever meet them and this is what I see. Like, I knew it. Karen woke up and chose violence.

But back to my boss. I love her. Once she figured out service was not why this woman was calling, she straight asked, “So, if it’s taken care of, why are you calling?” My Gods, I love her. How many of us have wanted to say this?

My boss and her boss both have my back. They see me doing the things. They know I’m getting it done. And the fact that I’ve got 89 other facilities with this customer alone that have no issues with me whatsoever. That says a lot. That says Karen can choke on her wrong opinion of me. Because I am a goddam delight. I am smart and competent and doggone it, people like me.

Not me actively thinking about printing this and putting it up on the walls of my cubicle. Because sometimes you need the reminder.
Blue Moon helps.

So, if you had a helluva year already, this Blue Moon’s for you. And try not to let the haters get to you. And if they do, a virtual voodoo doll can help. And if they keep going, I may need to get my jars and vinegar out. Until then, Blue Moon.

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