Anxiety Override

This is a real thing. It happens to me as a mom all the time. And it has been that way ever since I can remember.

Me. The chick who couldn’t say hi to that one guy in high school could and would go up to a guy to get his number for a friend.

Me. The mom who won’t bother the server for a refill for herself will absolutely ask for another Coke for her kid. In Wendy’s they have those fancy multi flavor machines. My oldest hates going up to those. There’s choices and buttons and people waiting behind you. I do the thing.

But not always.

Bunny, my oldest, will do the things if my youngest , T Rex, is involved. She’ll do the things if her friends are involved. And sometimes she’ll see I’m having a harder than usual time and she’ll take over.

It’s a weird loophole in our brains. We want to carw, give, protect, and do for our friends and loved ones. But we can’t always. And we get how weird and ridiculous it can be. Like I did the thing yesterday with no problem. Why am I incapable of it now?

I don’t have answers for it. I may not always have the strength and courage to do the things. But when I do and when I can, I will. For you. Because my love is stronger than my anxiety.


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