A to Z Blog Challenge – Theme Reveal

Welcome aboard, train wreck.

https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScAhW2-D0KyhVuGuEl5OjiRAJ6sIjsr113CMkEjRMOClHhPyg/viewform you can join here

Well, it’s time for another challenge. Meaning I’m actually going to have to put my butt in the chair and write. The audacity! I did Blogtober. NaNoBlogMo. And Blogmas. So now I’m taking on the A to Z Blog Challenge.

What is it?

Check it out here. http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/p/what-is-blogging-from-to-z.html

The short version is: we are given a theme and then we have to blog every day (minus Sunday) with a topic starting with A, then B, then C. So on and so forth on to Z.

And the end of sanity. Because the end of April means the beginning of May. And that means we are going to Disney. So, yet again, I am doing a blog writing challenge in one of the craziest, most hectic, chaotic times in my life.

Because of course I am.

The theme of the A to Z Challenge main blog this year is:


This is where you come in. I’m not sure how this all works but I’m totally open to suggestions. Throw them at me. What would you like me to write about? What would you like to read about? Let me know and I’ll see if I can fit them into the plan.

If you’re a participant, good luck.


So after looking at several other participants theme reveals I realized I totally misunderstood what was happening. Now that I have more clarity I am going to go with Books A to Z.

How does that fit into accomplishing my dreams? Easy. All I want to do is read. And make money from reading. So, I’ll be talking about my TBR, worst books I’ve read this year, book reviews, lists, and such on.

I’ll be just as surprised as you will be to see what I come up with.


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