Buzz Lightyear: A Rant

George Takei grew up watching straight couples kiss and he didn’t turn straight. Your homophobia is showing when you yell about kids seeing a same sex kiss.
When you clutch your pearls and scream, “Won’t someone think of the children?” I am. I’m thinking about the non binary kids, the Trans kids, the queer kids, the kids who don’t fit into your idea of what “normal” looks like.
I was that kid. My kid is that kid. My brother was that kid. My sisters were that kid. My friends were that kid. The kid begging to see someone like them. The kid just wanting their own happily ever after.
When you talk about how inappropriate and disgusting and disturbing it is to see a same sex kiss in a kids’ movie, remember that you’re talking about us. Disney isn’t seeing your hate filled vitriole.
We do. And we see you. And it hurts.

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