Frump Fighters: An honest review

This is not a sponsored post. But I would love to have a partnership with Frump Fighters.

I am not a fashion maven. I am a train wreck inside and out. So, when I got the manager position I panicked. They (who the hell is they? It’s my mother, isn’t it? It is. I know it.) Anyway, people who aren’t professional train wrecks say you should dress for the job you want. But I can’t wear my threadbare hoodie and loggings with mismatched socks to meetings.

What’s a train wreck to do?

Facebook ads to the rescue.

That’s right. Our favorite spies had listened to me and saw my Pinterest searches for capsule wardrobes. And that’s when the ads for Frump Fighters started.

I saw the ads saying, “Love your clothes again!” and “Feel cute and confident in your clothes again.” It promised to help you find things you needed in your wardrobe and put pieces together to make a decent outfit.

Well, it worked. I saw those ads enough. It worked. The first thing I did was look at what I had. Not much. Black t-shirts and jeans. That was it. I had a lot of work to do if I wanted to blend in with corporate and look like I belonged in the conference room.

I’m not going to bore you with the mission of the woman who started this. Short version, stay at home mom was tired of looking like your standard operating meme about stay at home moms. So, she created and that’s it. Now there’s more than just for stay at home moms. She has has style guides for men, women, and kids. I have the women’s essential and the business casual guides. I did try the boy’s guide but it seemed pretty self explanatory so I canceled that purchase. And you know what? They gave me my money back. No questions asked. They just said, “Oh. OK. Sorry this isn’t what you were thinking it would be. Here you go.” Like oh my lanta, that was so easy.

On top of the guides, I bought the interactive platform. This is my favorite thing in the whole world. You can see a daily outfit inspiration and see how what you already have fits into that outfit. You build a closet with your pieces and then you can scroll and save outfits. That way, if the daily inspiration doesn’t work for you, you still have options.


Now, that I had the guides and the platform, I could see what I needed to add in. God save the queen. I needed help. And clothes. Thankfully, my anniversary fell around this same time. Husband told me I could buy a wardrobe to make me feel like a boss. Since I was.

To the Amazon.

Not so fast.

What colors go with what? Don’t panic. There is a color picker outer thing. They call it seasons. And shockingly, I’m an autumn. Deep autumn. Burgundy, mustard, camel, navy, and orange. My pumpkin spice soul rejoiced.

So now I knew what I needed to buy and what colors. And buy I did. I have never owned this many clothes. And shoes. I have boots and sneakers and flats. Who am I?

Let me show you what I have going on.

OK. It’s a mess. I need to fix this.
So, these are all my pants. I still have jeans but now I have dress slacks, colored pants, some comfy dressy pants, and leggings. Y’all, You still get to wear leggings.
These are the tee shirts. You see I have a tank top but there’s also regular tee shirts. Long sleeve shirts for cold offices is a must.
These are the more business over casual shirts. Button ups, dressy sleeveless, blouses. Sweaters. These come in handy when the big bosses are in town and I want to look like I know what I’m doing.
Dresses. I have dresses. I’m so excited to have dresses and look cute.
These are known as completer pieces. I always thought of layers as a necessary thing. Because I’m always cold. So yeah, I have 3 blazers, a couple jackets, and some cardigans.
Scarves and belts.

And that’s it. Would I recommend this? Hell yeah. It takes some of the mental load off. And that is totally worth it to me. And I kind of dig having people tell me how nice I look.

Let me know if you check this out and what you think about it.

Update: Holy Cow!!! If I knew this was going to be shared, I would have said I tried to clean my closet. Well, train wrecks, because of you, I am now an affiliate. And I’m totally going to share my links. And when you purchase through these links, I may earn a small commission. I also have a coupon code: JENREADS. You can use that for 15% off your purchase. Thank you all for your support. You really know how to make a train wreck feel good.


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