The Best Gift He Gave Me

Today, my husband broke. Today was not a good day. Yesterday was not a good. In fact, we haven’t had many good days.
Our car had trouble. He fixed it. Mother in law has been MIA except for quick visits. He tries to ask when she’s coming home. She doesn’t know. The teens accosted him about mother in law not being around. He explained she’s an adult and pays bills. Work has been less than enjoyable. I’ve been stressed working 60+ hours a week for a few weeks. Car died at Domino’s. Needed a new battery. Got and replaced battery. A project he’s working on with the 3d printer won’t print right. Car started acting up going to Walmart. And then 4 kittens showed up on our property after the mama gave birth in our barn.
He broke. And for the first time in 10 years, he asked for a hug. He needed a hug.
And you better believe I gave him that hug. And I didn’t let go until I felt him loosen up. And then he came in for another.
This is huge. And let me explain why.
My husband is not a touchy Feely guy. He’s not an emotional guy. He laughs. He get angry. I’ve seen him cry. But he’s always been the rock. The anchor. The roots. He’s the strong one. He’s the one that glued my broken shards together and painted them with gold. He’s my safe space. He’s my person. He’s my best friend.
And he needed a hug. From me.
See. For a while, I was wondering if this was a one sided deal. I’m always breaking down, crying, falling apart. And he’s always the one to kiss my forehead and squeeze the sad away. I kept thinking how unfair it was that I could never be that person for him.
And then I was.
And in that hug two things happened. My husband realized he can be weak and vulnerable around me. And I realized I can be strong for someone other than my kids. And that is the best gift either one of us could give the other.
I love him.


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