7 Activities to Complete Tonight to Prepare for Tomorrow

Each time the alarm goes off, we all want to get back under the blankets and resume our slumber.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t always allow us to accomplish that, so we have to make every day the best one we can.

Many of us have hectic mornings with a ton of things to accomplish and sometimes very little time to get them all done.

But you can do yourself a great favor by preparing for a better morning by performing the following 7 things every night before you go to bed.

And we all know that when our mornings go well, the remainder of our days usually follow suit.

So here are the seven things I advise you to do every evening:

  1. Quickly tidy up the entire house.
    Throughout the day, life takes place, and chaos results. Every night, before going to bed, conduct a short clean-up of the house to press the “reset” button.

I’m not referring to a whole cleaning operation here; rather, I merely mean tidying up by putting things away and back where they belong.

Also, don’t think you have to accomplish this by yourself. Make it a habit for the kids to clean up the common parts of the house before night, or you and your partner may do it together.

  1. Clean your kitchen and, if you have one, run the dishwasher.
    Since the kitchen is the center of the house, making sure it is clean before you go to bed every night can greatly improve the efficiency of your morning routine and your whole day.

Even though I urge you to complete each of the aforementioned duties, at the very least wash all of your dishes, either by using the dishwasher or by hand.

This enables you to quickly empty the clean dishes from your dishwasher or store the air-dried ones from your dish drier rack so that you always have clean dishes available.

  1. Make a reasonable list of things to do tomorrow.
    If you have a strategy for your day, it will go more smoothly, thus it is ideal to create that plan the night before you plan to implement it.

When you have completed your preparation, you may write down your ideas to ensure that you won’t forget anything and give your brain the much-needed break.

You may use any old piece of paper for your list, but it may be useful to stick with a same pattern each day.

Setting a daily task limit is beneficial because it forces you to prioritize and be more practical. Because there is no way you can do everything on your list of 82 things to do tomorrow, you are setting yourself up to feel inadequate.

  1. Select your attire for the following day.
    When you’re dressed in something you love, every day seems better.

What you pick doesn’t have to be extravagant, but it must be something you feel confident opening doors in, doing errands in, or wearing while working.

Making these choices in the morning might be challenging due to all the distractions going on in your immediate environment. Make them the night before, possibly after the kids are in bed and you have some time to yourself to concentrate. Frump Fighters: An honest review check out my review of Frump Fighters if you need help getting dressed.

  1. Prepare for breakfast the next morning.
    You’ve probably heard the adage “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”

It is, after all. You should make the time to give your family and yourself something wholesome and nourishing, but when life becomes hectic, we sometimes forget to do this.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to prepare for breakfast the following morning; in fact, it may be included to your routine for cleaning the kitchen. Bring out some cereal bowls, configure your coffee machine to brew coffee first thing in the morning to help you wake up, or chop some fruit to put in your yogurt.

Everything is better if everything you do the night before makes it easier for your kids to serve themselves breakfast in the morning so you can focus on other things or just eat something yourself.

Make sure to include breakfast planning in your regular meal planning process if you are always attempting to decide what to have for breakfast to make this chore even easier.

  1. Gather or get ready whatever you’ll need to leave the house in the morning.
    There is nothing more frustrating than rushing out the door to drop the kids off at school only to discover that one of them has left their homework at home. Uggghh.

Make sure everything you need to take with you or that your children need to take to school is prepared the night before to help the morning go a little more smoothly.

This applies to packing lunches, ensuring sure jackets and gloves are prepared for the chilly winter morning, and preparing gym or work bags.

If you need to store your lunch containers in the refrigerator overnight rather than leaving them on the doorstep for lunch, that’s no issue. However, if you can, pack them the night before. Make as much preparation the night before as you can if anything may become soggy if left out, in order to reduce the number of steps required to prepare lunch the following morning.

  1. Sleep well and thoroughly by going to bed early.
    Finally, feeling rested is the single biggest factor in helping you approach your day with enthusiasm and a good outlook. Make sure you allow adequate time for sleep since in order to do it, you must constantly obtain enough of it.

If you consistently complete these seven things each night before bed, you’ll quickly notice that your mornings are less chaotic and that your days generally go more easily.

Do you have any more nighttime routines that I missed? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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