Books I’ve Bought but Haven’t Read Yet

It has come to my attention that buying books and reading books are two totally different hobbies. I was a little miffed at this suggestion. I read. I’m an avid reader. Then I looked at my bookshelf. There are a few books on here that I haven’t even cracked a spine on.

So, come with me while I see which ones I’ve read.

OK. Well. I’m not off to a good start here. Starting from the left, I still need to read Till Death, A Vision, How Creativity, and Eggs. And The Silent Patient which was sent to me by a super nice person and I feel so bad for not having read it yet. But at least that was gifted and I didn’t buy it.
Oh my lanta. I have read everything on this shelf! How did that happen?
This whole shelf except for Crime & Punishment still needs to be read. That Ree Drummond cookbook? That’s not mine. That’s my mother in law’s.
Uninvited Others was so amazing. You should absolutely check that out. We Are Never Meeting is one of the funniest books I’ve ever read. I have only read the Santaland Slayings. Everything else still needs to be read. By me. The Attack on Titan collection is all my husband and oldest kid.
Cookbooks don’t count. Yeah. I’ve read all of those Murder She Wrote books. Because Jessica Fletcher is an icon and a role model.
So, I heard so many people talking about these and I got a great deal on them and havent read one book. Not one.
I have read all those Grady Hendrix books. I can’t wait to add to that collection. However, not one. Not one Joanne Fluke have I read.
Mexican Gothic is one of my favorite haunted house books. I loved The Midnight Library. Here & Hereafter was a giveaway win. Dawn of the Dreadfuls will be a perpetual favorite. Love Alice Hoffman. Beach Read was also a gift, so I didn’t buy it. Oh, and the Tao of Pooh is one of my comfort reads.
The Shining is an annual read as is Doctor Sleep. I loved On Writing. We Were Liars destroyed me. Who hasn’t read A Wrinkle in Time? If It Bleeds is an amazing collection. The Dark Tower is my husband’s collection.

Well, that was eye opening. Half of my brain is telling me to sell the unread ones. The other half of my brain has that half pinned against a wall telling it to shut it’s filthy mouth.

Did you see anything you want to read? Have you read anything on my shelf? Let me know. And I may have to take you on a tour of my library cart, next.


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