How I Plan My Outfits for the Week

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If you’ve been with me for a while, you know I have a love/hate relationship with fashion. As in, I love to hate it. Mainly, I hate the whole picking out clothes that go together and don’t make me look like a toddler who got into the closet.

And I have to do this. Every. Single. Morning. It’s enough to derail anyone’s morning.

This all changed for me about 2 months ago when I got Frump Fighters.

Frump Fighters is an app that helps you build a capsule wardrobe and not look like you wear the same black leggings for 40 days and nights. Not like I would ever know what that looked like.

So Frump Fighters has calendar. It’s based on their Women’s Essentials style guide. That one is specifically for stay at home and work from home moms.

I also bought the Women’s Business Style Guide This is perfect for me and my new managerial role at work.

Both are still me and my style. It’s just an elevated me. It actually looks like I put some effort into getting dressed instead of grab and go.

So, to start. I look at the calendar and see what I have and what works for the office. Then I write down the outfit number for the day.
I usually write down the full month save for weekends.
On Sunday, I go to the app and pull up the calendar. I already know the Women’s Essentials are shown here so I don’t have to bounce around.
This is Monday’s outfit. I got this top on Amazon
Ooh I love that I wear that sweater twice. I love that sweater. I get so many compliments on that sleeveless blouse. Also bought on Amazon.
Now Wednesday’s didn’t quite work for me in the Essential calendar. So, I need to go to the Business side. And it’s totally easy. Click on Closet.
Pick the Style Guide you need.
This reminds me I still need a pencil skirt.
So this tells me I am looking for outfit 9.
This is what it looks like in their suggestion. Which is totally something I would wear.
And this is what my outfit looks like. The sweater and blazer were both bought from…Amazon. Sweater Blazer
Thursday is Outfit 11 in the Business side of things. And it’s Hobbit Day. Bring on Elevensies.
Do you see those notes? How great is that? I worked at a large bank call center and Casual Friday meant the men didn’t have to wear a tie.
I swear that leather jacket is black. The lighting in my house is so weird.
It’s Friday with outfit number 13. That’s lucky, right?
This example outfit scream fall/winter vibes but South West Missouri hasn’t gotten the memo yet. It’s still going to be in the 90s.
I love this color combination. I don’t have leopard flats. I have red ones. And those make this into Corporate Snow White and I’m here for all of the Disneybounding in a corporate office vibes.
So, to wrap up. Monday.
Thursday. Told you it was black.
And Friday with the pants just peeking out there.

You can 30% off your purchase by using my coupon code JENREADS.

Hope this helps make your mornings keep on track.


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