Blogtober Day 7 – Autumn Bookshelf

I love looking at pictures of peoples’ bookshelves. BookTok and Bookstagram have me so jealous. But I love my little corner. But it needs a little help.

Dear Goddess! What has happened to my shelf. Oh yeah. Working 60+ hours a week for 2 months. Well, guess it’s a good time to redo the shelf.
OK. The 4 shelves on the left are all my horror, witchy, and fall themed books. Sorted alphabetically by author.
On the right I have all my red, yellow, and orange spines. You know. Because fall colors.
Why do I have so many yellow books?
I just love this side of my shelf.
Time to add some flair.
I think I have enough room for another shelf.
I love it so much.
It’s a dollar store pumpkin but it works.
I love this little room diorama I got from The Haunted Mansion.
Of course I have Mr. King by his books. And a cute coaster my mom made for me.
Bunny painted that pumpkin 10 years ago.
Bunny made that jar for me 5 years ago.
I love fall flowers.
Bunny made that blade last year.
Because of course I have a skull.
I got this from the dollar store and it has saved my life when I had hives.

Well. That’s my shelf. Do you decorate your shelf for the seasons or holidays? What do you use? Let me know.


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