Blotober Day 8 – Creepy Reads

Here are eight suburbia horror books for you to read, whether you’re from the suburbs and want a little reminder of the horrors you may discover lurking next door or you get a little satisfaction from stories that illustrate the suburbs aren’t so wonderful.

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Greetings from the suburbs! Look at the similar rows of homes, each with a picture-perfect grass and a little white picket fence. Visit the block celebration on Halloween, July 4th, and any other Saturday in the summer. Jump from a diving board into every backyard’s pool (if you’re lucky, one might have one!). Observe the 9-to-5ers getting into their cars every morning at the same hour, coffee mugs steaming in their hands, dress shoes sparkling in the light of dawn. Oh, and don’t forget about the homeowner’s association, which is hiding in the shadows and is eager to issue a citation for a shed that is too tall or a car that has been parked on the curb for an excessive amount of time.

Many people’s reality is a less romanticized variation of this. urban life. But occasionally, things are not always as they appear. Family secrets, eerie homes, and teeth-piercing creatures. They don’t just go, “Never mind! “when he saw a self-built dog home and some well-kept bushes. No, the beasts from outside do not spare the suburbs. The suburbia horror subgenre was created as a result.

Here are eight suburbia horror books for you to read, whether you’re from the suburbs and want a little reminder of the horrors you may discover lurking next door or you get a little satisfaction from stories that illustrate the suburbs aren’t so wonderful.




In this YA graphic novel, there are monsters in the suburbs as well. Becca is new to a San Francisco suburb where everyone knows there are plenty of famous and wealthy residents. Becca is taken aback when she gets admitted into the popular girls’ club at school. When she finds out that they are werewolves that feed on predatory guys, she is even more shocked. Becca aspires to join them. The appropriate choices, however, appear to be getting more and more elusive as the complexity of violence, growing up, and first loves come to light.



Joanna, a photographer, and her family relocate to Stepford, Connecticut, and immediately feel at home there. Each neighbor she encounters is attractive and successful. She determines it’s a terrific spot to raise her kids and eventually retire. The other women appear to clean so much that they have little time for anything else as they get settled in, while her husband spends an increasing amount of time at the men’s club. The community’s men’s and women’s distinct lives get increasingly disturbing the longer they remain there. Not everything is as it appears in Stepford, Connecticut.



No negative things occur on Maple Street. The bills are always paid on time, and the children grow up to attend Ivy League universities. Gertie, Arlo, and their two kids don’t quite fit in when the Wilde family comes in among them. Their clothing are certainly out of season, and their automobile isn’t sparkling. The gap between the community and the Wildes widens as Rhea, one of the other moms, welcomes Gertie in one sentence before pledging to kill her in the next. Then one of Rhea’s daughters is killed when a real sinkhole appears. This incident demonstrates how the monsters hiding behind white picket fences can occasionally be ordinary individuals, yet the carnage is nonetheless horrifying.



Living behind the gates of the Bonita Vista neighborhood is worth putting up with a Homeowners Association. At the very least, Barry and Maureen believed that when they took action. However, soon complaints for even the smallest transgression of the very extensive list of regulations maintained by The Association begin to overflow their email. Barry makes a promise to destroy The Association after discovering a terrible secret in their idyllic neighborhood.




Summer days are ruined by cram school and the heat for Toshi, Terauchi, Yuzan, and Kirarin. The girls have a notion about the murder that occurs next door to Toshi. They had always thought one of the neighbor’s boys was strange. The ladies become caught up in the chaos after that particular youngster takes Toshi’s bike and phone and flees. After a horrific murder took place practically next door, their neighbourhood seemed more scarier.



Her life is going well. Although her teenage children are going through a remote phase, isn’t it common? That goes for her husband’s propensity to forget dinners or become preoccupied. That is the purpose of her book club. Patricia needs to meet and converse with the other ladies she encounters since they are all experiencing similar issues. The book club discussions become an investigation when a stranger moves to their neighborhood and children start going missing, with Patricia at the center.



Colquitt and Walter Kennedy are just what you would anticipate from a suburban marriage. Weekend barbecues, working a 9 to 5 job all week, and stunning nights on the porch of their lovely home. Everyone in their area leads the same lifestyle. Everything appears regular as construction begins on the land next door. A beautiful mansion after another in a long series of them. But something that appears to drive the residents to desperation resides inside the elegant walls. Inside those absolutely immaculate walls, they are motivated to do terrible things to themselves and to other people.



Without a haunted home book, a list of suburbia horror would be incomplete. Marigold is excited for the fresh start when her family relocates from a beach resort in California to a suburb of Cedarville in the Midwest. From the exterior, their new house is ideal, but inside, things are quite different. Items disappear while Marigold is certain they were there just a short while ago, and the doors open on their own own. Piper, her stepsister, begins making bizarre comments about a recent acquaintance who doesn’t like Marigold. The fragrance is also there. In the perfectly beautiful walls of their home, there is something rotten.

I hope these get you in the mood for spooky season. Will you check them out? Let me know.

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