Blogtober Day 10 – 6 Tips to Break Your Reading Slump

It is very natural to take a vacation from reading for enjoyment. I’m delighted you’re returning to reading, whether you’ve been giving time and energy to education, employment, caring for others, or caring for yourself. You may feel pressed to make the most of your time or to read the “correct” stuff. However, there are lots of other sources of stress in life, and reading should not be one of them.

Rather than pressing you to read in a specific way, I’ll provide you a few pointers that I believe will help reduce some of the negative feelings that sometimes accompany reading. I also have some suggestions to help you rediscover the joy of reading. It’s fair to be sad over a former self who drank books like water. I’m sure I miss that version of myself! Returning to reading may not imply a return to that type of reading life, but you can still hope to find a book that you enjoy. Reading a book that reminds you why you love reading is one of life’s wonderful experiences. Those novels don’t come along every day, but we’ll keep looking for that feeling.

Let’s get this party started.


Quitting books might elicit a variety of bad emotions, but it can also be extremely liberating to set a book aside and declare, “not for me” or “not for now.” If you’re just getting back into reading, don’t give a book 100 or even 50 pages. You can decide if the first chapter piques your interest. You may even see if the first page attracts you.

Quitting a book today does not imply you will never read it again. When I eventually got into Daughter of Smoke and Bone, it captivated me like no other novel had before. But I had to bounce off it a few times before it stuck. You don’t need to work on your perseverance just yet. If the goal is to finish a book, make it as simple as possible for yourself by selecting one that captivates you from the start.


I cannot emphasize this enough: recommending books is a skill that people learn and grow. Having a reading companion does not imply that they will recommend good books to you. My entire group of buddies consumes food. That doesn’t imply they know what I’m hungry for! When I asked for a recommendation for a humorous but engaging fantasy series, someone mentioned Game of Thrones with a straight face. Don’t repeat my error. Leave it to the professionals.

There are several persons who specialize in book recommendations. Librarians, booksellers at your local bookshop, bibliologists, and Get Booked podcasters, to mention a few. These people are familiar with the questions that will spark constructive discussions about what you’re looking for. Seeking expert advice is a good practice in general, and it certainly applies to resuming reading.


FOMO can be real when it comes to reading. Books sometimes feel like duties, whether it’s a bestselling book that everyone seems to be talking about or a classic that you feel you should have read by now. However, the book you should be reading right now is the one you want to read.

Even if you used to take satisfaction in reading a lot of capital-L Literature, you can go through different reading periods. You might be drawn to genre fiction, such as romance or mystery, right now. If a young adult or middle grade book piques your interest, that’s fantastic. If someone makes a judgmental remark about what you’re reading, or if you’re worried about it, it’s time to learn to care less. There are many things to be concerned about, but not other people’s thoughts on your reading selections.


If you believe that reading occurs simply when your eyes scan words on paper, try broadening your definition of reading. I get some of my greatest reading done when walking with an audiobook. If the combination of art and text appeals to you, there are comics and graphic novels for any reading preference. And if you enjoy reading about characters you already know, go ahead and indulge in some fan fiction. It’s all about reading.

If your time or attention span is limited, try reading one poem every day until you’ve finished a collection. If a collection of short tales or essays sounds appealing, do the same. Finally, there are numerous types of writing, and by expanding out, you may discover a hidden interest.


Picking up a book you already know you like is a certain method to get out of a reading rut. Rereading books is always enlightening for me. Aside from the fact that I remember feelings considerably better than storylines, I usually always notice or appreciate something new. And other books have a different impact on me because of my life events since I last read them.

It is also acceptable to reread sections of literature. I know that if I truly needed a pick-me-up, I could read just the opening portion of Little Women. Alternatively, choose your favorite Moby-Dick chapters. What can I say? I adore nineteenth-century New England. Then, satisfied that I could still find joy in text, I could hunt for something new.


I just gave you a lot of advise, so take what works and leave what doesn’t. I’ve already mentioned dismissing other people’s viewpoints. So I’m urging you to disregard their reading habits as well. You may have buddies who read 100 or more books every year. Allow them to do their thing while you focus on your own paper. Because reaching from zero to one book is already a significant accomplishment deserving of celebration. You’re reading again, and I’m delighted to see you doing so.


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