2022 Rewind & 2023 Goals

Happy New Year!

Who is happy 2022 is done?

Honestly. I’m fairly ambivalent to the whole thing. 2022 wasn’t over the top terrible.

I mean, I got a raise and a promotion. That right there is pretty awesome. I got to see my mom and dad. We went to Disney World. I’ve made friends.

In the not so awesome, out vehicle is 50% paid off and is now giving us so much trouble. We’ve been nickle and dimed to death with just one more thing.

And I’ve burned myself out. Right out. Down to ash. Because as a manager I’m always on call. Even holidays and weekends. I haven’t had time or energy for anything. Not family. Not writing. Not even this blog. As important as those things are to me, I let work consume me.

So that leads me to 2023.

This is the year of boundaries. I will say no. Not right now. I’m not doing that. I can’t do that. I won’t do that.

Not going to lie, I’m a people pleaser. I’m a gold star bitch. Pat me on my head and tell me I did good. I’m sure that says a lot about me but it’s true. Because of this, I over estimate my own ability to get things done and underestimate how much I already have to get done. I say yes too much.

And that is going to stop. Because I’m too old and too tired to keep going like this. I deserve better. My family deserves better.

And you, dear train wreck, also deserve better. So you can expect, at least on Mondays, a blog. I will try for 3 times a week but on Mondays you will get my review of a Murder She Wrote book.

Fun fact. I’m obsessed with Murder She Wrote and for Christmas my husband completed my book collection. So, I’ll be reading and reviewing on3 book a week.

Wednesday may be a wordless Wednesday or a word stack Wednesday. Tuesday may be top 10 or tip Tuesday. But for sure, Murder She Wrote Monday is a thing. The rest of the week will fill in as the mood strikes. I

I hope you stick around for it. If not, I get it. I’m glad you were here.

I’m not sure what 2023 has for us. But I’m excited to see it.

Thank you, train wreck, for being here with me as we step into the new year.

All aboard.


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