2023 – The Year of 15

I had my mind blown the other day. I found out that 1% of your day is 15 minutes.

15 minutes!!!!!

Holy cow. I guess I never really put too much thought into it before. But with the new year and goals and such, I started thinking about ways I could be better. What could I do to be a slightly better version of myself by the end of 2023?

Turns out I think I need a lot of help. Here’s the list I came up with, in no particular order:

Lose 30 pounds


Drink more water

Limit carbs to 100 g a day

Read more

Learn Spanish

Play with the Talon more

Talk to Bunny and Hailey more

Relearn violin

Better self talk

Save money

Walk Lucy more

Play with Lucy more

Get back into herbalism

Send postcards to Mom and Dad and not texts

Take more pictures

Stay off social media

Have a strategy for social media

Build library at work

Fully step into my manager role

Date night once a month



Get a cleaning schedule

Write more

Blog once a week

Edit books and republish them

You see where there’s a lot. Like, I knew I was a mess but wow. There is so much. And this is just what I can think of in 2 minutes.

And in typical fashion, I overwhelmed myself. What’s the point? How will I ever manage to do all this? This is ridiculous. I’m just going to go HAM for 2 weeks and stop. Like I always do.

So, why not change how I do it?

If you’ve been around for a minute, you may know my struggles with FlyLady. I’m on again off again with her. But the one thing that stuck is that ou can do anything in 15 minutes. Set a timer and go.

I can do that. I have done that. I can keep doing that. Because I’m worth 15 minutes a day,

So, for 15 minutes I will set and practice my self talk in the morning while riding my bike. I will walk Lucy for 15 minutes. I will listen to audiobooks in the shower for 15 minutes. I will edit for 15 minutes. I will read to my son for 15 minutes. I will spend 15 minutes meditating at night. I can meal plan for 15 minutes. I can write for 15 minutes. I an crochet and read and hug and snuggle and do a face mask for 15 minutes. Even laundry and dishes and vacuuming. I can do those things in 15 minutes.

It’s just 1% of my day. And those little 1% can and will add up to some big changes.

I can do all things with a plan and a planner. And alarms on my phone. And dry erase boards. And Google calendar.

So, here’s to the year of 15.

What can you do with 1% of your day? Let me know.


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