Hooray for Homicide

Listen. Here’s the thing. Y’all know I love me some Jessica Fletcher. I love Murder, She Wrote. But this book was a hot mess. It felt like they smashed two of the early episodes of Murder, She Wrote into one tangled up catastrophe.

The characters weren’t fleshed out well enough to like or dislike. The Sheriff acts like Jessica just moved in. And then asks her to join the investigation. Make it make sense, Sheriff!

And what the hell is the deal with Amos sugaring up to these young women. My dude. They’re suspects in their father’s murder. And you’re older than their dad. Stop it. Get some help.

This was just super convoluted. I like a twisty story with red herrings thrown in but this was like a Missouri backroad and the Long John Silver truck overturned.

I know the rest of the books aren’t like this. But this one seemed like it just tried too hard to accomplish something. What it made me do is look up the TV episode to help sort it all out.

That all being said, I love Dame Angela. Tom Bosley is a delight with that fake Maine accent. And Claude Akins just looks the part of a Maine fisherman. Everyone else just seems so out of place you can’t wait for them to get out of town. Then maybe Jessica can finish her book.

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