Even T Rexes Get the Blues

This little t rex wasn’t feeling so good today. Sad his belly and head hurt. Turns out, I think he just needed a mental health day but he didn’t have the words to say it.
I figured it out when he said he was glad he had a day to not be in school. He was tired of the triggers and he was sure his teacher was glad to not deal with him.
That broke my heart.
See, we have an appointment from May (I know, May) to get him tested for ADHD and autism. This year had been a struggle for him. He gets frustrated. He expects perfection from himself but can’t seem to focus long enough to learn. He disrupts class and has to sit with the counselor. It’s really taking its toll on him and he doesn’t have exact change.
If you’ve been around for a bit you know my struggles with anxiety and depression. You might even know about Bunny’s own struggles. I have always been a fan of taking a mental health day when needed.
I also think perfect attendance awards are bullshit. If the global panorama taught us anything it’s that learning can happen anywhere, including home. Homeschoolers, you feel me?
Listen to your kids. Give them the words and tools to put their feelings out there. And let them know it’s ok to not be ok.


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