Solve the Crime with Jessica Fletcher in “Manhattans and Murder”: A Review

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The suspenseful and entertaining mystery novel “Manhattans and Murder” written by Donald Bain will keep readers guessing right until the very end of the book. This book is a part of the popular “Murder She Wrote” series, which features Jessica Fletcher, a best-selling mystery author who is famous for her remarkable ability to solve crimes. This book in the series is called “Murder She Wrote: The Final Chapter.”

In this novel, the protagonist, Jessica, spends Christmas in New York City promoting her most recent book, and her itinerary is jam-packed with appearances at book signings, restaurants, and department stores. However, her vacation takes a sinister turn when a Santa Claus dressed as a sidewalk vendor recognizes her and requests to meet with her the following day. Santa is already dead when she arrives at the meeting, so Jessica decides to look into who committed the murder.

The writing in the story is very good, and the plot has many interesting turns and twists that will keep the readers interested. Jessica’s wit and intelligence shine through as she works to solve the crime, and the characters have been developed very well. The pacing is excellent, and there is the ideal balance of action and suspense throughout the story.

Overall, “Manhattans and Murder” is a wonderful addition to the “Murder She Wrote” series, and it will not dissatisfy mystery fans or fans of the show in particular. Any person who enjoys a good mystery novel absolutely needs to read this book.

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