Mama, You’re Enough

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Stressed and tired, you wake up to a new day
Feeling like you’re losing, with no time to play
Tasks piled high, and your patience wearing thin
The pressure’s too much, and you can’t help but give in

You juggle it all, the laundry, cooking, and cleaning
While taking care of kids, who never stop screaming
You worry about their future, and if you’re doing it right
But dear mama, I’m here to tell you, you’re shining so bright

You may not see it now, but your love is enough
Your presence, your hugs, and your gentle touch
You’re molding them into kind, compassionate beings
With your heart and your soul, and all that it brings

So take a deep breath, and let go of the stress
And know that you’re doing great, you’re giving your best
Your kids love you more than you’ll ever know
And one day, they’ll tell you, and your heart will glow

So mama, keep going, you’re doing just fine
Take a break when you need it, and give yourself time
You’re a superhero, and your love will always shine
Just remember, you’re enough, and you’ll be just fine.

Photo by Sarah Chai on

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