In the Stillness of the Night

In the stillness of the night

When your fears take flight

And your mind races with worry

Know that you are not alone, dearie

For in this world, so many share

The burden of anxiety, depression, and ADD’s stare

Yet even in the darkest of hours

We can find strength to summon our powers

It takes courage to face the day

When the weight of the world is hard to sway

And sometimes it feels like we’re sinking

But hold on tight, keep breathing and thinking

For each breath is a victory

And every step forward, a story

Of resilience, of hope, of might

In the face of a stormy night

So let the stars be your guide

As you navigate life’s wild ride

And know that you are strong and brave

Even when the world seems to misbehave

For you have a light that shines so bright

A beacon in the darkest of nights

And though the road ahead may be tough

Know that you are loved, and that is enough.


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