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20200203_0705283463718174264869849.jpgWell, hey howdy hey. How are you today? I am The Glorious Train Wreck Mom aka Jennifer Baldwin. Welcome aboard, train wreck.

This is a safe space for all train wrecks. Except here, we don’t give you a puppy and a latte. We give you sarcasm and humor. It’s OK to not be Pinterest perfect. It’s OK to be a little broken. The biggest thing is you are not alone. Whether you’re dealing with mental illness, blended family dynamics, or a picky eater that won’t eat anything but dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets, I’m here to help you get through it.

I started The Glorious Train Wreck Mom about two years ago. It was a simple blog/journal to help me get through my own battles with depression and anxiety. Since then, I have written and published several books and started a YouTube channel. This all originated from a need I saw with other mothers. We live in a very judgmental society. There’s so much pressure to be Pinterest perfect. In reality, some of us are just trying to get through the day without needing wine or bail. So many of my friends were reaching out for someone to say, “It’s OK. You’re trying and that’s good enough.” What started off as a project for myself quickly turned into a therapy session for my friends and loved ones.

My life could be described as nothing else than a train wreck. I was a low self esteem ugly duckling, bullied kid in school. Got into a relationship to make myself feel special and that went terribly for 13 years. I have a blended family. 2 bonus kids, 1 kid from my abusive ex, and 1 with my wonderful husband. 3 daughters and 1 boy. I’m also a bookworm. Much of what I post here is about my family and how we try to get through each day. But I also post about books. Books I read. Books I want to read. And books I wish I never heard of. 

If this sounds like a train ride you’d like to join, then please hit that subscribe button. And if you know any other train wrecks you think would like what’s going on here, share with them. The more the merrier.

Welcome aboard, train wreck.

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