Chicken Bawk Bawk

Let me tell you, folks, there's nothing like a toddler to keep you on your toes. Take my oldest, for instance. She was two at the time, and we decided to take her out to a fancy restaurant with rotisserie chickens on display.Now, this little bundle of joy was convinced that those chickens were, in... Continue Reading →

How to Stay Organized When You Have ADD: Tips for Moms

Hey there, fellow mom with ADD! Are you finding it tough to keep your life in order? Look no further, y'all! Today we're gonna talk about how to get your life in order. We'll cover everything from organizing your stuff to making the most of your time, all while using the latest and greatest tech. Let's do this! Embrace your weirdness and discover what makes you tick!

My Favorite Horror Movies to Watch

If you're a horror fan, you won't want to miss this blog post! Join us as we explore the top five horror movies that fuel our nightmares: The Shining, The Blair Witch Project, The Conjuring, Paranormal Activity, and Night of the Living Dead. Discover what makes these movies so terrifying and why they hold a special place in our horror-loving hearts. And don't forget to share your favorite horror movies in the comments!

My Top 5 Cozy Mystery Books of All Time

Discover the top 5 cozy mystery books of all time, as recommended by me. From the quirky antics of Jessica Fletcher in "Trick or Treachery" to the delectable Tita Rosie's Kitchen Mysteries in "Arsenic and Adobo", these books are sure to charm and intrigue cozy mystery fans. Don't forget to like, comment, share, and subscribe to The Glorious Train Wreck Mom for more humorous and entertaining content.

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