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This is a safe space for all train wrecks. Except here, we don't give you a puppy and a latte. We give you sarcasm and humor.

So, November is coming, and that only means one thing: the inundation of gratitude posts on Facebook. I have nothing against being grateful. I have lots I’m grateful for: home, family, food, my Keurig, a self-cleaning cat box. But seriously, Suzie, do we need to hear how you’re so grateful for your kids because they …

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The shorter days are upon us. If you’re like me, you love the cooler temps and changing leaves. But your brain decided now is a great time to decorate your regular depression and make it seasonal depression.

We’ve all felt the effects of the winter blues at some point in our lives, and the short days may make you feel down and out. Studies on seasonal affective disorder (SAD) are progressively linking a lack of light exposure to tiredness, overeating, and a proclivity to sleep in excessive amounts.

What’s a train wreck to do?

A few years ago, I learned about You’ve Been Booed. It’s a cute little idea where you leave a spooky treat for a coworker or neighbor. You do it on the sly and leave them instructions on how they can do it to someone else.

It’s been a bit since I’ve done a book tag and since it’s Halloween I figured it made sense to do a Halloween Book Tag. I found this on Chasing Destino’s blog. Check it out here

Shockingly, I do more than just read and drink coffee. A long time ago in a galaxy far far away I worked in a video store. Not like Blockbuster. God no. More like Randall from Clerks. It was small and we only ever had one or two copies of new releases. It was amazing. And the bonus was being able to watch all the movies I wanted. And a lot of times I didn’t have to worry about little kids coming in because no one was coming in. So I popped the tapes in the VCR and watched Johnny, Ash, Ripley, Freddy, Michael, and Jason. It was glorious and I miss it.

I’ve posted my October TBR. I’ve written about witchy cozy mysteries. But maybe you need more. More thrills. More chills. More blood spills. Look no farther than here. I’m bringing you ten creepily good books that will bring the nightmares.

Who needs a little help feeling the fall vibes? Summer is still hanging on here with temps in the nineties. I’m ready for my flannel shirt and boots. I want to go to a pumpkin patch and pay way too much for a pumpkin I’m going to gut like a slasher in an 80’s horror movie. Who’s with me here?

Here it is. The final list of my to be read in October. I have to admit to a little trepidation. But even if I only make it through the first list, that’s still ten books. That puts me ten books closer to my reading goal of one hundred books for the year. And just to give you fair forewarning, yes. There are three Disney villain books on here. I don’t want to hear anything about how they’re not scary. If a stepmother sending her stepkid into the woods to be killed isn’t scary to you, you’re on a whole different level than me. Plus, I may have Disney on the brain with an upcoming trip being planned. And BooBash looks like so much fun. Anyway. I also have a few re-reads. Because I loved them so much I have to revisit with them. Even if they scared the hell out of me the first time I read them. So, without further ado, here’s the last eleven books on my thirty one in thirty one challenge. I’ve included my book bingo card again, in case you missed it on the last two blogs.