You're not the only one who has noticed the Twitter discussion over Barnes & Noble not carrying debut hardcovers. Recently, authors raised the alarm after learning from a variety of sources (including other authors, B&N representatives, former B&N workers, other business experts, etc.) that the chain's stores will only offer hardcovers with established sales histories.... Continue Reading →

Utah State Board of Education policy allows book bans; first books banned

The Utah State Board of Education finally decided on a new policy addressing the kind of books that can be read in public classrooms, after months of discussion on the topic. The newly developed "library materials model policy" provides comprehensive direction for the kind of resources that should be included in collections as well as how to address concerns over particular works.

Christmas Gifts for Mom – A Rant

I made the regretful choice to look up the trending gifts for Mom. I have a question for the people writing  these lists and articles. Do you have mothers? Are you moms? Do you know any mothers? Have you actively spoken to a human who has birthed a child? Because your writing comes off like someone who has observed mothers in their natural habitats but you never actually interacted with them.

Thanksgiving Freeloaders – A Rant

Turkey time is approaching. Did you get your turkey yet? We'll probably take our turkey out of the freezer on Sunday. My mother in law said the lady on the TV said you need to thaw it one day for every pound. With as big as this bird is I should have taken it out at Halloween. Why is the turkey so big? Because I should have listened to my mother and married an orphan.

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