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Utah State Board of Education policy allows book bans; first books banned

The Utah State Board of Education finally decided on a new policy addressing the kind of books that can be read in public classrooms, after months of discussion on the topic. The newly developed "library materials model policy" provides comprehensive direction for the kind of resources that should be included in collections as well as how to address concerns over particular works.

52 Weekly Challenges to Embrace Your Inner Bookworm

Resolutions and objectives for accomplishing, performing better, and changing the elements of one’s life that aren’t functioning or might work better come with the new year. Of course, for readers, this means establishing a lot of objectives for what they want to read or how much time they want to devote to their reading with a new calendar in front of them. But maybe, instead of establishing some lofty objectives — or perhaps besides those lofty goals — you’re seeking for something more manageable. Consider this collection of weekly reading challenges a chance to broaden your reading horizons and cross off a variety of fresh, imaginative, and witty literary bucket list items over the following 52 weeks.

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