Blogging A to Z Day 5: E-Reader, Physical, or Audiobook – Which Is Better?

What’s your favorite way to read a book? Let me know in the comments.

Scarier Than Fiction – True Crime Books to Read This Fall

Spooky season is getting closer. (I'm writing this while wearing my Halloween pajamas and drinking a pumpkin spice coffee.) And while I enjoy a good ghost story, Stephen King, or Grady Hendrix, I have fallen down the rabbit hole of true crime. With so many podcasts and YouTube channels out there (I'm looking at you Bailey Sarian and And That's Why We Drink) it's hard to stay away when the storytellers are so good. Sometimes, you need something a little longer than an hour. You need more detail, more facts about the crime, the victims, the killer, and the motive. So, lock your doors, get cozy, and check out this list of true crime to read this season.

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