Tag Tuesday – Booksgiving

It's almost here. The big feast. And my bookish self started wondering about book characters during the holidays. Thankfully, I found this book tag to help ask and answer my wonderings.

7 Villains I Love To Hate

Who doesn't love a good villain? I mean a well written, well rounded, oh my gosh it was you all along villain. And maybe it's my own warped brain, but sometimes I can relate to the bad guy. Seriously. There have been more times than not that I've thought Thanos was right. Maybe that's just due to my time working in customer service. Anywho. With this being spooky season, I thought it was time to celebrate some bookish bad guys. Warning, this post will contain spoilers. If you haven't read one or any of these books, feel free to either skip that book or this post.

10 Books to Read for Talk Like a Pirate Day

Not going to lie. I love Talk Like a Pirate Day. It was more fun when I worked in child care. Now, if I answer the phone in my pirate voice, I'm pretty sure I'm getting pulled into HR. Oh well. In the spirit of the day, instead of binge watching "Pirates of the Caribbean," I figured why not list some books to put us in a swash buckling mood.

As always, I will post a link where you can buy the book. If you use that link, I may earn a small commission. So, thank you.

Scarier Than Fiction – True Crime Books to Read This Fall

Spooky season is getting closer. (I'm writing this while wearing my Halloween pajamas and drinking a pumpkin spice coffee.) And while I enjoy a good ghost story, Stephen King, or Grady Hendrix, I have fallen down the rabbit hole of true crime. With so many podcasts and YouTube channels out there (I'm looking at you Bailey Sarian and And That's Why We Drink) it's hard to stay away when the storytellers are so good. Sometimes, you need something a little longer than an hour. You need more detail, more facts about the crime, the victims, the killer, and the motive. So, lock your doors, get cozy, and check out this list of true crime to read this season.

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