Blogging A to Z Day 18: Review Round Up

Welcome aboard, train wreck. I've read a lot of books. And reviewed a few of them. And since my brain is in full Disney Vacation prep, I'm making this easy on myself. Because all that's left to do is everything. If this is your first time here, welcome aboard, train wreck. Glad to have you... Continue Reading →

Book Review – Caraval

I've been having a helluva time dealing with reality lately. Things are scary out in the world and even scarier inside my head. With one kid getting ready to graduate, one I can't seem to keep in the house, planning a Disney trip, work, and just life in general, well I don't wanna anymore. But that's not an option. What's a train wreck to do? Enter socially acceptable escapism. And this book checked all the boxes to let me escape for a while.

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