Snuggle up and enjoy a good scare

If you're reading this, I've just been buried under a pile of Halloween, Blogtober, and an insane reading challenge that involves scary stories. What's a train wreck to do? Share some cozy horror with you all. Of course.

10 Books to Read If You Love Our Flag Means Death

There are affiliate links in this article. I might receive an affiliate commission if you make a purchase using these links. Imagine a pirate ship with hidden passages stocked with designer clothing, a massive library with built-in bookcases, beautiful porcelain place settings, and a crew that resolves disputes "as a crew." It is now a... Continue Reading →


You're not the only one who has noticed the Twitter discussion over Barnes & Noble not carrying debut hardcovers. Recently, authors raised the alarm after learning from a variety of sources (including other authors, B&N representatives, former B&N workers, other business experts, etc.) that the chain's stores will only offer hardcovers with established sales histories.... Continue Reading →

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