Blogging A to Z Day 1: Author I’ve Read the Most

Once I find a book and author that clicks with my brain, I'm going to read everything I can from that person. I've read more books from some of my favorite authors than I could possibly count.

10 Cozy Dog Mystery Series for Love My Pet Day

I know that most of us think of cats when we think of a "cozy animal," especially when it comes to the white-haired detective! Those were the days! We now have young sleuths who balance their careers with their personal life. But, Instead of concentrating on the sleuths, I'm going to concentrate on their dogs. So, here are the mystery writers on the site that have included dogs as a subject in their stories.

December TBR

It's December. Christmas is barreling down on us faster than my husband on homemade fudge. (OK, me too.) This week has been a little crazy in the Baldwin homestead. I've been working from home to help my mother in law who hurt her back. Like unable to walk without assistance kind of hurt. It's also invoicing week for work and two major projects were given to me with the highest priority. Very little reading has occurred even in audiobook. But never fear. I'm going to pull out one of my favorite tricks to get some books in this month.

10 October Cozy Mystery Releases Part 3

October's cozy mystery books release list continues on. This is the next ten. And yes, all of them are on my Amazon book wish list and my TBR. Because why not? If this is your first time here, welcome aboard, train wreck. Glad to have you here. If this isn't your first time here, I'm still glad to have you. Please like, comment, share, and subscribe. My goal is to have five hundred subscribers by the end of the year. As of writing this, that means I still need one hundred and thirty four more train wrecks to join us here. I think we can make that happen. As always, I will like the books and where you can buy them. When you use my links to buy, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. This helps me buy more books to read and review. And coffee and wine for the rest of my time that isn't reading. So, thank you. All the books listed are being released in October and will be available from Amazon. Do you want me to start posting ThriftBooks links as well? Let me know and I'll see what I can do to make that happen. Now, on to the list.

More Cozy Reads for Fall

Not going to lie. I love fall. Have you figured that out? And I love reading. I love reading in fall. Outside. With a cup of coffee. And a blanket. That is goals. That is a dream life. But I know not everyone is getting the cooler temps right now. So, I figured I would help out and give you five more cozy mystery books with a fall theme. Not all of these are the first in the series and that's ok. Cozies are unique in that you don't have to start from the beginning to get the full story. And maybe you'll find a new series you like.

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