Hooray for Homicide

Listen. Here's the thing. Y'all know I love me some Jessica Fletcher. I love Murder, She Wrote. But this book was a hot mess. It felt like they smashed two of the early episodes of Murder, She Wrote into one tangled up catastrophe. The characters weren't fleshed out well enough to like or dislike. The... Continue Reading →

Can I Be A Nosy Old Woman Detective?

As you age, a curious phenomenon seems to take place. People begin to treat you as you are unable to perform even the most elementary chores after a short time. To live a life that is basically autonomous and then suddenly find yourself treated like a helpless creature must be more than a bit upsetting. Before they get old, people live long, healthy lives, and guess what? They successfully reached that level, thus I believe they understand how to play the game of life.

Blogging A to Z Day 19: Series I Started and Still Need to Finish

If you’re a coffee lover and mystery fan, I have the perfect series for you. The Coffeehouse Mysteries by Cleo Coyle are a must-read. There are nineteen books in the series, so be prepared to spend some time reading! My favorite is the fourteenth book, Once Upon a Grind. What is your favorite book series? Let me know in the comments below.

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