Blogging A to Z Day 19: Series I Started and Still Need to Finish

If you’re a coffee lover and mystery fan, I have the perfect series for you. The Coffeehouse Mysteries by Cleo Coyle are a must-read. There are nineteen books in the series, so be prepared to spend some time reading! My favorite is the fourteenth book, Once Upon a Grind. What is your favorite book series? Let me know in the comments below.

November Cozy Mystery Releases

Are we really talking about November? Already? Didn't these kids just go back to school? Yikes stripes. How did this happen? How did the year slip past us? Again. I mean, I just bought a turkey. That means people are going to be in my house. Lots of people. Good thing there's a bunch of new cozies coming out so I can ignore them all.

Stack Saturday – Halloween

It's Saturday. And I just learned about something called Word Stacks. That's the official term for it at least. I have done colored stacks as posts for Bookstagram. But I really didn't think anyone else spelled words with their books. Then, I found out I'm not so much different than I thought. Not only is this a thing people do, it's a hashtag.

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