In an age where many people prefer to read books on their tablets and e-readers, the horror genre is flourishing. New authors are creating new stories with rich characters and terrifying plotlines. Immerse yourself in these works that stand up against Stephen King's novels like The Shining or Carrie

My Top 5 Reads of the Summer

Um. Excuse me. Where did summer go? And why are there only three more months of 2021? I swear the year end slide starts around July fifth, Even worse, the leaves are already changing and dropping here. It's still in the nineties. Like, how am I supposed to take cute fall pictures when it feels like summer?

Well, as a tribute to Summer 2021, I am giving you my top five favorite books that I read. As always, I will link where you can buy the books. If you use my links, I may earn a small commission, so thank you. That helps me buy more books to read and review.

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