Spring Cleaning for Your Home (Free Printables)

I tried to leave this as open and customizable as possible. Not everyone has closets or night stands. Or bathrooms for the kids. So, if there's a room you don't need, then just pass over it. If there's something you don't think is needed, then don't sweat it. Do what works for you and your family.

Works For Me Wednesday: Emergency Holiday Cleaning

Did you look at the calendar? Do you see what tomorrow is? It's Thursday. Thanksgiving. And your house is going to be invaded by friends, family, and people who like to point out that your corgi sheds enough to make tumbleweeds from her fur. You've been so focused on what you're going to cook, you forgot to clean. Probably doesn't help that you've also been working, and driving your kids everywhere, and doing everything else. You need a plan. I'm here to help.

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