Blogging A to Z: Day 12 – Locked Room Mysteries: Cozy mysteries where the crime occurs in a locked room

This blog post explores the tantalizing world of locked room mysteries, a subgenre of cozy mysteries where the crime occurs in a locked room. From the characteristics of these whodunits to famous examples and tips on how to write your own, this post is a must-read for any cozy mystery fan looking to add a bit of intrigue to their reading list.

Escape into Cozy Mysteries: A Guide to the Best Series for March Reading

Looking for a cozy and entertaining read this March? Cozy mysteries might be just the thing you're looking for. From the beloved Murder, She Wrote series to other delightful mysteries featuring cats, detectives, and charming settings, this guide has got you covered. Find out why cozy mysteries are so popular among readers and discover some new series to add to your reading list.

Rum and Razors: A Riveting Murder Mystery Set in Paradise

In "Sleuthing in the Sun: Reviewing Rum and Razors by Jessica Fletcher and Donald Bain," we delve into the latest installment of the popular Murder She Wrote book series. Set on the idyllic island of St. Thomas, Rum and Razors follows mystery writer Jessica Fletcher as she uncovers a killer amidst the tropical paradise. With its well-developed characters, suspenseful plot, and vivid setting, this book is a must-read for fans of the series and anyone who enjoys a good mystery novel. Join us as we explore the many strengths of this thrilling and engaging book!

Solve the Crime with Jessica Fletcher in “Manhattans and Murder”: A Review This post contains affiliate links. Like the one above. When you buy from my links, I may earn a small commission so thank you. The suspenseful and entertaining mystery novel “Manhattans and Murder” written by Donald Bain will keep readers guessing right until the very end of the book. This book is a part... Continue Reading →

A Thrilling Mystery Adventure: A Review of “Murder, She Wrote: Gin and Daggers” by Donald Bain "Murder, She Wrote: Gin and Daggers" is a thrilling mystery novel written by Donald Bain and is the first book in the "Murder, She Wrote" series. The book follows the adventures of Jessica Fletcher, a bestselling mystery novelist and amateur sleuth, as she travels to London to deliver a keynote address at a convention... Continue Reading →

Unraveling the Mystery: Why Jessica Fletcher is the Ultimate Cozy Detective

Jessica Fletcher, the main character in the popular television show "Murder, She Wrote," is widely considered to be the best cozy mystery detective. There are several reasons why she stands out from other detectives in the genre. First and foremost, Jessica is a master of observation and deduction. She has a keen eye for detail... Continue Reading →

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