Listen. Here's the thing. I know I'm supposed to be writing something super poignant. A retrospect of 2021. All the books I read. The struggles and challenges and victories I've had. But I can't get my brain to focus. I have started, stopped, erased, amd started this blog four times now. All because I couldn't... Continue Reading →

Holiday Prep: A Train Wreck Thanksgiving

It's happening. Thanksgiving is barreling down on us faster than a wind whipped Macy's parade balloon. Soon, your house will be invaded by members of your own family. It's enough to make an introverted train wreck hide in the bathroom. But you can't do that. You promised to cook and bake and put on a Thanksgiving dinner that would make Martha Stewart chartreuse with envy.

A Train Wreck Thanksgiving Plan

Are you short on time and need some Thanksgiving shortcuts? Are you new to all of this preparation and have no idea where to begin? Here are some simple time-saving tips and suggestions to aid you if you're a newbie. I'm certain you'll be able to pull off Thanksgiving dinner. Even if you find yourself asking, "Um. Why is it only two weeks to Thanksgiving? I still have bags of candy from my kids. I mean, from taking my kids Trick or Treating. And we are going to have a house full of my husband's family. Again."

9 Books to Make You Forget Your Troubles

2021 has been like 2020 Jr. Not nearly as bad but still enough to make you mumble, "WTF?" twenty times a day. I know I'm supposed to be an adult and watch the news and stay up on current events but when you have anxiety and depression, that's just adding kerosene to the campfire.

We all need something to take out minds off the daily grind and twenty four hour news cycle. We need to laugh. So, for your mental health and mine, I'm giving you nine books to help fuel your socially acceptable escapism.

As always, I will post link where you can buy these books. If you use my link, I may earn a small commission. This comes at no cost to you. So, thank you.

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