Mama, You’re Enough

Photo by Sarah Chai on Stressed and tired, you wake up to a new dayFeeling like you're losing, with no time to playTasks piled high, and your patience wearing thinThe pressure's too much, and you can't help but give in You juggle it all, the laundry, cooking, and cleaningWhile taking care of kids, who... Continue Reading →

Banned and Challenged Books: George

I think George looks like a wonderful book to help open the conversation with kids about LGBTQ+ family members and friends. LGBTQ+ issues are a big part of my life and my family. My oldest child is gender fluid. My brother is gay. I'm bi. Anything that helps people (including kids) realize who they are and how to live their best life I am here for.


Listen. Here's the thing. I know I'm supposed to be writing something super poignant. A retrospect of 2021. All the books I read. The struggles and challenges and victories I've had. But I can't get my brain to focus. I have started, stopped, erased, amd started this blog four times now. All because I couldn't... Continue Reading →

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