Cozy Mystery Releases – September 2022

It's September. How? Where did the year go? The kids are in school. I'm preparing for Halloween. I've already started Christmas shopping. We are four months from 2023. I don't like this. Not. One. Bit. So of course I'm using fiction as a socially acceptable form of escapism. And what better way than cozy mysteries.... Continue Reading →


Only Shakespeare and the Bible have sold more novels than the author known as the Queen of Mystery, Agatha Christie. Christie has reportedly sold more than 1 billion copies worldwide, according to a recent research by Harper Collins. More than 100 languages have translated her writings, and 32 million Americans are thought to have read at least one of her works. She penned 66 crime novels throughout her lifetime in addition to six other books, 24 plays, and more than 150 short stories.

Can I Be A Nosy Old Woman Detective?

As you age, a curious phenomenon seems to take place. People begin to treat you as you are unable to perform even the most elementary chores after a short time. To live a life that is basically autonomous and then suddenly find yourself treated like a helpless creature must be more than a bit upsetting. Before they get old, people live long, healthy lives, and guess what? They successfully reached that level, thus I believe they understand how to play the game of life.


Cozy mysteries and cats have long had a fascinating relationship. Some would say that the trend of cat mystery books began in the 1960s with Lilian Jackson Braun's The Cat Who… series, and it has since persisted. There are many choices for these kinds of mysteries and characters, including ones with bookshop owners, pet caretakers, and occasionally even ones with the cat acting as the investigator. You're likely to discover one that you like because the pool is so large. Check out any of these cat mystery books if you're searching for a spot to jump off from while reading!

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