Happiness Challenge Day 16

Podcasts are these amazing pieces of audio that help you to learn so much in a niche area. It gives you the opportunity to be your own talk show host. You can have lectures. You can have experts. You can be the expert. It’s your show.

I listen to a lot of podcasts. If you watch videos on YouTube, lots of podcasts record the it podcasts and post it as a video. I try to make the most of my days’ travel time. My breaks, lunch, and even time in the bathroom can be time spent learning and listening.

If I’m doing research for a book, I will look up videos and podcasts on that subject at least three times a week. I love that I can get as much information as possible on that topic. Even though the information may be the same, it’s never presented the same way. One podcaster may be somebody who’s really chill or you might have someone who’s a little bit more animated. This is just a stupendous way to learn from people who have been there and done that.

There are some that do book readings – so like a chapter a day. There are some that do meditations. There is a podcast out there for everyone. You can literally become an expert just by subscribing to and listening to them.

In order to have a podcast, you have to know what you’re talking about. It’s not like my eyeliner; you can’t just wing it. These people are going to listen and they’re going to call you out if you don’t know what you’re talking about. I see this a lot in books. If you’re going to write about diseases or chemicals or even history, do the research to make sure the disease has those symptoms, those chemicals react the way you need them to, and that the events actually occurred with those people in those places.

There are really great and informative YouTube channels that are actually just podcasts. There are different options out there if you want to be your own podcaster. There are free apps to help you set up a podcast. If writing isn’t your thing, if making videos isn’t your thing, you could go the podcast route and share your information with people. Share your knowledge. Share your experiences with people. You have a story to tell. Every person has a story to tell. Everyone has experiences others can learn from. If you have information for the people, share it with the people. Share it out there. Let people hear it.

I have it said before: Everyone has a story in them. I encourage everyone to write a book because that’s how I share my stories. I think everyone should write a book. Maybe, writing a book isn’t for you. You could be a podcaster.

I’m a big fan of podcasts because it is the dissemination of knowledge. People are sharing their experiences with other people. People that are listening are learning. I love learning. I don’t think you should ever stop learning. I think you should learn as much as possible as quickly as possible. When you’re into something new or different, then learn everything about it – good, bad, ugly, in between. It doesn’t matter; just learn.

And sometimes, you’ll get not so good information. Sometimes, the advice you get isn’t good advice. That’s why I suggest you don’t just listen to one person. Three is a good number. If you have more time on your hands, then expand that. Listen to five a day. If you work from home, you could have the podcast playing in the background. If your commute involves riding the bus or train into work, you might have a little bit more time than someone driving it. Either way, you have time. It’s up to you to do your own time management. I’m not that person for myself let alone you guys.

YouTube really makes it easy to listen to podcasts. There are several apps that will group your favorite podcasts together so you don’t miss an episode.

I just I love the variety and the availability of the information. I love that older episodes are stored and the recorded so I can access information I need to hear or need to refresh my knowledge of. If you feel like you need to look up how to make a character arc or arm knit a blanket, or what the elements of a horror story arw, there are options for those things. I know there are dog training ones and homeschooling ones. Religious and spiritual ones. There is no limit to what is out there, so there’s no limit to your learning. The only limit at that point is your time and your availability. And there are plenty of opportunities for you to listen to a podcast. Same as there are opportunities for you to be scrolling through Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. You have time in the shower or on your commute. I know some people listen to audio books duting those times, which is also another great learning resource. Audio books are such a great ipportunity for busy people to get their reading time in. And audio books are reading, so I don’t even want to start that argument.

I wonder why people don’t take advantage of learning opportunities. Is it because they don’t want to learn? Is ieasier to not know? Is it easier to remain ignorant? I would prefer to know things. I prefer to have that information. Not just at my fingertips or at my eardrums, but in my head so I could just access it. I actually hate when I need to ask people for information, especially if I feel like I should just be able to get that information, look it up, or know it myself.

Are people just content with the way things are? And by content I mean they would much rather complain about them then actually do anything about them. A lot of people don’t want to change. They’re OK with bitching and complaining about not advancing in life, not having skills, but they’re not miserable enough to actually make a change and learn something new.

I have never been okay with that kind of life. I’ve never been okay with the status quo. You can’t grow as a person if you don’t change. I’m usually reinventing myself in some manner. If I’m not reinventing myself then I’m doing something to make myself better. I have lots of work that needs to be done. I need to do something about the not-so-good parts of myself. And right now, I don’t have the means or ability or availability to go to school. I can’t go to college right now. I would love to go to school. So, I’m educating myself through podcasts and YouTube videos and online free courses. That’s what I have access to.

I believe there are people out there that just don’t want to change themselves. They are OK with where they are. If they continue living without actually doing anything they just sit and stay until it’s time for them to roll over and play dead.

I can’t do that. I can’t dream of big things and for for how they will show up to me. I have to do something about it. And I can’t just take If someone tells me something then I’m going to look it up to make sure it’s true. I’m going to see if other people are saying the same thing. I’m going to test it out on my own experience because, for as much as these podcasts are based off of the presenters experiences and history, there is nothing like your own personal to help you grow.

You’re probably thinking, “Wasn’t this supposed to be about podcasts? How did it turn into education?” That’s easy. The information is out there. Education does not just come from books (shocking, I know) or school buildings. That’s why they have online schooling. My kids go to public school and a lot of their lessons and lectures come in the form of videos. Now, they make slideshows and presentations. It’s a different way of learning.

Podcasts are just another way that information can be shared. It makes it more available to more people. You may not have the time to sit with a book or sit online. You have this other option that’s available to you.

So, today I will share some of my favorite podcasts with my friends. I will listen, comment, share, and subscribe. I will learn and expand my knowledge. I will use the time that I have in between work and home to educate myself. I will share what I learn with my friends and my family. I will search for new podcasts to listen to on different topics. And I may even start working on my own again.

Today, I will listen to a podcast.


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