Having money doesn’t make it ok

Ok, trainwrecks. Here we go.

We all knew Kanye was a few nuggets short of a happy meal. But what he’s been doing is not ok.

Let me clear. I’m not a fan of Kim and her family. But I will shout out against this behavior. No one deserves to go through this.

What he is doing is stalking. Abusive. Manipulative. Narcissistic.

This is the kind of shit you see when a narc realizes they’ve lost control. And that’s literally what happened. He lost control of her. And now he is throwing a tantrum.

And he’s doing it with a world wide audience.

Like there is nothing covert about what’s happening here. He is out and about in full narcissist riot gear. And Twitter is eating it up.

This is the worst thing to sit and watch. This is domestic abuse. This is emotional abuse. This is mental abuse. And people are laughing, liking, sharing, and joining in.

Now let’s also take into account their kids. Those kids. My heart breaks for them. It’s bad enough having a narcissistic parent but to watch the world team up against your mom all because your dad has money and is famous. This is just bullshit. Straight. Unadulterated. Bullshit.

It’s frustrating as a narcissistic abuse survivor to see this happening. It’s bad enough you hear “He never hit you” or “Just get over it.” But to see your friends and family laughing at this behavior. It makes you wonder what they were saying behind your back while you were leaving, healing, processing.

If you have found yourself in this position, I am so sorry. I’m sorry if you’re still in that relationship. I’m sorry if you’re still hurting. And I’m proud of you. Even if all you did was realize you need to get out because you deserve better.

As for Kanye, fuck him and his stalking, manipulative, crazy ass. I hope Kim gets full custody of those kids. I hope she gets a retraining order. And I hope one day, he knows the full horrors of his actions and relives them for eternity.

I’m sure I’ll have more to say about this but this is where I need to step down. This is actually trigger a PTSD moment. Maybe I’ll go into that later.


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