Back to school


how to prepare to send your little one off

So, I’ve been homeschooling my baby all her life. All 8 years of it. I see learning as more of a life process, not something that begins at Kindergarten. Well, all things being what they are, I realy can’t do it this year. So, we’re putting her into the system. That’s right. I am no longer going to be in charge of my child’s primary education. I’m putting her into the hands of educators.

That all being said, I have no doubt that I’ve done everything I can to prepare her for third grade. I thought it was odd they didn’t even want to test her. Oh well.

This is actually less about how to prepare your child for school. This is more about how to prepare you for your child’s first day. I hope it helps.

First, don’t let them see you cry. I know. It’s hard. This is your baby and no one knows your baby like you do. And you’re wondering about what he’ll eat, what she’ll learn, what will happen if he falls and skins his knee. Trust me, I get it. Your kiddo is pretty much psychic. They know what you’re feeling and thinking. And if you’re all nervous and scared and sad then nothing good will happen for the day. Drop off you little bundle of joy, know you did everything you could to get her to this moment. Walk him to his room. Then, turn around and drive home. Crying in the car is not recommended. Makes it kind of hard to see where you’re going. Once you’re home, let it out. Scream, cry, look at pictures as if you just sent him across country to military school. Once you’re done, you’ll feel better.

Second, get prepared. The night before, make sure everyone is showered, bags are packed and by the launching pad of your house (aka the door you use the most), lunches or lunch money is set and ready, and clothes for the next day are clean and laid out. You have no idea how much easier this makes mornings.

Take advantage of Meet the Teacher Day/Night. Even if your child has been going to school these last few years, it’s always good to meet the teacher, learn the rules, see the room before being thrown into a completely new routine. You should also have a list of questions you and your child have for the teacher. You’d be surprised what a kid will come up with when they think of questions.

The biggest thing, be encouraging. Smile laugh, talk about your positive experiences in school. Talk about your favorite teacher. Let them know that school is not everything they see on tv with mountains of homework, bloodthirsty teachers and bullies around every corner.

Hope this helps get you through the day. And remember chocolate is always an option.


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