Who is The Glorious Train Wreck Mom?

That’s me. I’m the Glorious Train Wreck Mom. You can call me Jen. And if you’re new here welcome.

You might be wondering – what is a train wreck mom?

Simply put, train wreck moms are not the Pinterest perfect mom. We are not tiger moms. We are not helicopter moms. Despite our best efforts, perfection will elude us at every attempt.

We’re the moms that try to bake cupcakes for birthdays only to have to buy them from Walmart. We go into parent teacher conferences more fearful than a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. We’re not surprised when we hear our kid can’t sit down, shut up, or follow directions. We are shocked when we find out they help without being asked. We cringe when we see the school phone number on our caller ID. We spend $200 on groceries for the week and order pizza after putting it all away.

Despite how failed and flawed we are, the one perfect thing we have is perfect love. No matter how many times we don’t get it right, we keep trying. We keep making that effort for our families. We try. We fail. We try again.

We have no grand delusions of our children or ourselves. We’re doing the best to not raise assholes while trying not to be assholes ourselves.

If this sounds like you, then, all aboard, train wreck.


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