Law of attraction and depression

Hi lovies. I love you all. And we know, life is hard for many of us right now. Some of us have legal issues, medical issues, family issues. Some can’t find a job or one that pays a decent wage. Some of us have problems with insurance and we worry daily that insurance will be lost.

I get it. But guess what I else I get? Stinking thinking ain’t getting ya nowhere.
Sit down, children. It’s story time.

I have made a career talking about my depression and anxiety. Recently, I had a bad spell. And that’s what it was. A case of the blues that turned indigo. With support and a cosmic witch slap, I put my big girl drawers on and got back to right. Because I realized I was thinking about being depressed and getting more depressed. I was thinking about not having a job and getting no call backs. I was thinking about being in the hole 59 bucks and then it went to 100.

And then I remembered Act As If. Would I be sitting on my couch, curled up, crying when my millions show up? You bet your boots that’s a no. No. I’d be making stupid faces at my husband as he drives, tickling my 4 year old, and hugging my 14 year old. I’d be enjoying the food I eat. I’d be calling my mom. I’d be writing and reading. I’d be so busy my depression and anxiety wouldn’t have a chance to catch me.

Now, I hear you. Jen, I can’t act as if. I don’t have the money to buy that house. I don’t have the money to buy that car. Ok but after you buy that house and car, how feel? Would you feel happy sitting in the driver’s seat, wrapping your hands around that steering wheel? Would you run your hands over your new clean counters? Act as if you already have bought and paid for those things. And feel happy.

That’s the key. That’s the magic. That’s the magic sauce everyone has been asking about. Happiness. And if you’re depressed and anxious, don’t shoot for happy overnight. Go for better. Feel better. Do one thing every day that feels.better than the day before. Those little.steps go from feeling better, feeling good, feeling great.
Ok, ima get off my soap box here. We are all here to support each othwr. Let’s spread positivity and kindness like butter on a slice of awesomess.


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