Camp Nanowrimo Day 12: Take a nap

Ok. So this is late in being written because it’s one of the few self care things that I fully subscribe to. I am a huge nap fan. I will nap on the couch. I will nap in the car. I will nap here. I will nap far. Sleepy mama, nap where you are.

I dated a guy whose mom took a power nap after work. 20 minutes. 20 minutes? What the fuck is that? That’s not a nap. That’s a blink. It takes me 20 minutes just to fall asleep. That’s not powerful. That’s weak. I took a 3 day nap one time. That’s powerful. That chick needs to step up her game.

There is nothing sadder for a mom than the day her babies move out. The second saddest mom moment is when those babies stop taking naps. I miss the moments of my baby bunny or baby t rex laying on my chest as I drift off on the couch.

Naps are the human equivalent of a reset button. Don’t feel good? Take a nap. Grumpy? Take a nap. Don’t want to deal with your in laws crowding your house during the holidays? Fake a migrain and take a nap.

All this nap talk has me sleepy. But if I take a nap now I may sleep through till morning. Oh no. How terrible. The shame. Good night.


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