Camp Nanowrimo Day 1 Off the rails

What has this year been? Seriously. Who forgot to throw a Virgin in the volcano to appease the gods? That’s the only way I can think of to explain the absolute shit show these past 6 months have been. This was supposed to be THE year. The year of clear and perfect vision. The year of setting and reaching goals. The roaring twenties. Instead we got: Australia burning, kobe and his daughter dying, murder hornets, global pandemic, economic shut down, lock downs, race riots, African dust storm, and an election. What the actual? What’s next? Meth gators? Sharks that walk on land? I feel like we’re at a numb point. We’re all just in this state of “now what.” I mean, let’s be honest. The government straight up said UFOs exist and this wasn’t a big news story. As a collective whole we just sat, nodding like we already knew. This has been tough year. And we’re only 6 months in. We are still waiting to see what the next 6 months bring. As a mom with kids who haven’t been in school since March, I’m wondering if I need to buy school supplies and masks or alcohol and pajamas. And as a mom I have the challenge of explaining the madness to my kids. One is too young to really understand. One doesn’t really care. And one cares too much. It’s a balancing act. And when you have your own fights with anxiety and depression, it’s not hard to spiral out and fall down the rabbit hole.There are tons of books about self care. For moms, teens, women over 40, teachers, murder show addicts. But those always include lunch with a friend or getting a mani/pedi or massage. Those really aren’t options right now. Social distancing and all.So how do keep from going completely off the rails and taking the whole family with you? I’m going to try a 30 day quarantine self care list and see how I feel. You can try it with me. I mean we are all in this together or whatever hollywood celebrities say to make us feel better about being in lockdown. Let’s try to keep on track, train wrecks. 


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